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Designed for remote travel and camping.

Have the desire to travel Mountain Trails or Desert Tracks ?

The Fuso Canter is a true 4x4 having high and low transmission and a limited slip rear end giving you access to places that no caravan can go.

.....and you can tow your other toys - Boat,  Quad Bike !

Highway cruising is easy.

The Fuso is rated at 6500Kg GVM yet with the module,  200Lts water, 200Lts fuel and personal gear weighs in at under 5000Kg

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The best part of travelling like this is, you find a great position at the end of a rough track and here you can camp as you have everything needed on hand.

With the 37" Super Singles fitted, cruising is easy:

At 100 KPH RPM is 2,450

At 80 KPH RPM is 2,000