How Discovery Motorhomes Started

About Discovery

Motorhomes Pty Ltd

Life needs Adventure

Discovery Motorhomes Pty Ltd is a family company based in Brisbane, Australia.

Kym Boltons  philosophy is “You only visit this planet once, so better see it before you leave”.

To date Kym and Lyn have travelled in a variety of 4×4 Camping Trucks over 350,000kms through Asia, Russia, Europe, North, Central and South America, and Africa.

Between the international exploits Kym has designed what are now the three main production overland 4×4 vehicles available on the Australian market.

Drawing on these travelling experiences and background product knowledge, the family have designed an affordable 4×4 vehicle suitable for remote expeditionary travel within Australia and Beyond.

If you are interested in overland travel you can check out their exploits and the DIY section of “How to Drive Planet Earth” here: