Global Xplorer

Designed for remote travel and camping.

Have the desire to travel Mountain Trails or Desert Tracks ?

Expedition Vehicles For Australia

Global Xplorer is based on the Fuso Canter, a true 4×4 light truck having high and low
transmission and a limited slip rear differential and when fitted with 37” super singes is
incredibly capable off road. 200L of diesel gives you over 1000km range in mixed driving
conditions, allowing you to explore further in comfort. On top of these advantages, Our Global Xplorer has an impressive 3.5 ton towing capability, allowing you to take your other toys – Boat, Motor Bikes, Quad Bikes. Marking it the perfect Adventure Truck for Australia


Highway cruising is easy.

The Fuso is rated at 6000Kg GVM yet with the module, 200Lts water, 200Lts fuel and personal gear weighs in at under 5000Kg, with a class leading power to weight ratio long distance touring is made easy and enjoyable.


The best part of travelling

The best part of travelling like this is, you find a great position at the end of a rough track and here you can camp.


37″ SuperSingles

Fitted with the optional 37” Super Singles, highway cruising is easy and off-road ability significantly improved.

Global Xplorer is now available for a test drive.

Drive away prices start at a remarkable $181,500