4×4 Motorhome Exterior – Global Xplorer

4×4 Motorhome Exterior – Global Xplorer

Construction is of 32mm closed cell composite panelling, with corner bonding to alloy extrusion making it strong and weatherproof.
This 32mm composite roof and wall panelling provides an ideal thermostatic shield to the external temperatures.

The external size is ideal for tight tracks, 2.15m wide is around the same width of a tray on a LandCruiser. The Wheel track is also only 75mm different to that of a LandCruiser. Unlike a larger vehicle you are not pushing trees and rocks outside the given track

Length of Australian 4x4 motorhome

The length is 6.3m and as a forward control vehicle the turning circle is brilliant, as is the view from the truck cabin.

Height is 3.1/3.2m, and is perhaps its ONLY compromise for low trees, but carrying a small battery chain saw to tidy up the track when necessary.

Global Xplorer v2 LHS View.pdf

Global Xplorer v2 RHS View.pdf

The module is attached to the chassis via our kinetic frame. This allows the chassis to flex in serious off road situations, and not stress the upper module. This is all part of the significant and well-proven off-road capabilities of the Global Xplorer.



Everything that can be is positioned low is done so that the centre of gravity is as low as possible, allowing traversing reasonable side slopes possible.

The new XP2 /2024 model has much bigger Piuma European windows to enhance the landscape view from inside.
The 2 thermostatically controlled roof fans, and those windows are fly screened and have sliding sun/privacy shades, all providing a cool interior
Of course there is always the option of a couple of low power draw Sirocco Fans and/or Air-Conditioning.

The European door has its own Garbage bin and of course a retractable fly screen. Electric steps enhance the entrance together with an extended security handle making entry and exit safe and easy.

Storage is a big plus for the Global Xplorer. External storage includes 3 above floor storage units and at the rear a long ‘Tunnel Boot’ measuring 2.1m long x ?? wide x ?? high.
All 4-storage units are 100% dust proof by way of 3 water/dust proof seals and compression latches.
Below floor are 3 or 4 additional storage for recovery equipment, firewood, rubbish etc.

A new addition is the 3 spotlights that can be operated independently or with the ‘emergency’ button all 3 can floodlight your campsite

As a further safety feature is the module to cabin access. Wild weather, wild animals or wild people, jump into the front and drive away from the problem.