4x4 Motorhome Build Details

Designed from experience, Built in Cape Town, South Africa, Tested in Australia.

2 generations of building 4×4 overland expedition vehicles

Why Discovery Motorhomes? Because we have the exceptional experience of building beautiful 4×4 overland expedition vehicles and motorhomes that stay together whilst travelling some truly extraordinarily rough roads.

With over 15 years of designing overland expedition vehicles for the Australian market coupled with 350,000Kms of extensive use of such vehicles it was an ideal collaboration of ideas and expertise.

Once the completed modules are signed of by us personally they are then loaded into a 40 foot shipping container. On arrival in Brisbane the modules are carefully fitted to our prepared Fuso 4×4 Canters chassis.

Read about 4×4 Motorhome testing here.

360° View of Global Xplorer 4×4 Motorhome (2021 Model)


Our Global Explorers on the production floor in Cape Town. 3 are almost finished with 3 at the rear right in production


Module arrival via 40′ Container


Module carefully unloaded


Placed on the prepared chassis


A line up of Global Xplorers ready for Adventure


Living the adventure – Mt Fuji Japan

Latest Global Xplorer Motorhome is now available for a test drive.