4×4 Motorhome Interior – Global Xplorer

4×4 Motorhome Interior – Global Xplorer

360 Degree Motorhome Inside View

The generous double bed (2m x 1.3m ) is in an East /West configuration allowing maximum use of the internal space. Below the bed are 2 cavernous secret storage spaces for that cold weather gear or just extra storage.

Below is a slide out coffee/dinner table slides away for a dressing area and also access to the 2 very large cloths draws.


double bed 4x4 motorhome interior aav4x4
foldable dining motorhome interior aav 4x4


The two large seats are available for relaxing or meals and can be converted into an addition bed if necessary. All round the roof are numerous upper storage cabinets with self-closing doors. Below the RH seat more storage that is accessible externally.

Below the LH Seat is access to the water pump system, air heater, and water purifier.
The diesel water & air heating system uses the tried and proven German Eberspacher diesel burner with fuel coming from the main vehicles tank. Hot water is available within 10 minutes to the galley or shower.

For those cold nights the large 1.8kW air heater that can punch out massive heat for cabin warmth. There is even a room thermostat to control the system.
All the plumbing is John Guest piping with Speedfit connectors for added security.
And just in case… all the above on an alloy drip tray.



The Global Xplorer boasts a massive 190Lt Bushman fridge freezer. For that remote travel the generous 45Lt freezer and the 145Lt fridge is ideal. This is an exceptionally low draw 12V system using only 2Ah in average conditions and less than 3Ah in the most extreme heat is quite remarkable. The fridge uses a genuine Danfoss BD50 compressor with a 5-year warranty, and a 3-year fridge warranty.
Above the fridge is more generous storage or a position of the optional Microwave.

The facade is a smart mid Grey with clean white bench top and adjustable RGB skirt lighting. Above the bench is additional storage and below 6 self-closing draws.

The Finish-made Wallas 88DU Diesel Cooktop provides easy cooking. The stainless steel and black ceramic unit is flush mounted into the bench-top and is best used with induction cookware. There are neither naked flames, nor gas requirements, with diesel the fuel drawn directly from the vehicles fuel tank. It is easy to use and is super fuel-efficient using only 200mL per hour.

The net result of our whole system is you only need Diesel, Water and Sunshine to travel indefinitely

The modern black faucet for the delivery of the Hot, Cold and the Purified Water is matched to a good size household black sink.

The new galley also has an extended workbench that slides out on the left.

To the left of the galley additional storage below the crawl through seat

The complete room is a one-piece mold with a corner white bowl and black faucet.
The shower spray is adjustable for water saving and it sits on its own height adjustable slide. The room has a roof vent incorporating an exhaust fan.

We have stayed with the Thetford Cassette chemical toilet, as I believe it is still the most practical for remote Australian and specifically Global travel.

There is an external GES international hot & cold shower unit and the hose is removable from the external wall, so no more trying to stuff the line down a hole.

The all-new Victron Go-Smart system is a one-brand system that is covered under an AAV/MHW negotiated GLOBAL 5-year VICTRON support and warranty program.

Victor Warranty Agreement – February 2023

Victor Warranty Policy

The equipment includes a 3000 Victron Inverter/Battery charger, Solar MPPT, Cerbo GX, and a GX70 Touch Display, all with intergraded Bluetooth monitoring.

The 7” Touch Screen display above the door gives you instant overview of your whole system and allows you to adjust settings in the blink of an eye .You can easily see the direction of power flow, battery levels, everything electrical, it even incorporates the house, and vehicle battery levels and also the water tank level.



This very same display can be duplicated on your phone.
Companioned with the Cerbo GX the GX Touch allows you or your permitted Victron agent perfect control over your entire system from wherever you are. Simply connect through the Victron Remote Management (VRM) portal or the Victron Connect App by its built-in WiFi access point.

Roof Solar is now increased to 700 watts.

There are 5 x 240V double power points that include double USB’s for your convenience.