The Evolution and Testing of the Global Xplorer

The Evolution and Testing of the Global Xplorer

The Global Xplorer concept evolved from Kym Bolton’s original business, EarthCruiser that he designed and started in 2009.

lao monsoon season 4x4 vehicle travel by kym bolton

In 2012 with the arrival of the Iveco Daily 4×4 he started the company called Travel Trucks.
Both these companies were on-sold to continue his Global Overland Travels.

Kym also designed the first 17×9” Super Single Wheel for Fuso, Isuzu, and Hino trucks, as the alternatives were just not up to the application.

Super single wheels for isuzu based 4x4 MotorhomeSuper Single Wheels for Fuso based 4x4 Motorhome

That business went on to sell the wheels globally with agents in America, Japan, Europe, and Sth Africa.

Whilst overlanding the African continent there was a visit to his Cape Town, South African wheel agent, Motorhome World (* ) – this was to lead to something special.
With a number of Motorhome World’s hire vehicles driving the bad roads of Namibia and Botswana, Kym recognised the quality of their workmanship and so started a long term mutual arrangement where Kym designed the module and Motorhome World builds.

That design evolved from the 375,000Kms of international overlanding through Nth & Sth America, Asia, Russia, Mongolia, Africa and Europe.
There have also been some very challenging tracks and adventurers in some of the remotest parts of Australia.

You can see the above travels and original testing of the GX in Kym Bolton’s personal blog:

Road of Bones in Siberia 2007

2017/18 the first Global Xplorer was designed and produced and extreme testing of the first unit was undertaken to the very challenging Geosurvey Hill in the middle of the Simpson Desert.
The GX performed exceptionally, following GPS bearings where there are no tracks, just endless punishing sand dunes. You can see the report here:
First Field Test of the Global Xplorer to Geosurvey Hill

First Field Test of the Global Xplorer to Geosurvey Hill

Current production is 2-4 per month, with AAV4x4 sending to Cape Town each month a shipment of the Australian compliance products and the returning 2 modules arriving into Brisbane in a 40’ container.

With 70+ units being delivered up to the end of 2023 Global Xplorer has evolved further.

Now with feedback from both our GX clients and Kym’s travels in his personal Fuso GX, AAV are please to introduce the Global Xplorer XP2, the second generation.

Externally it appears similar and is still based on either the Fuso Canter 4×4 or the Isuzu NPS 4×4. Both are very capable vehicles on and off road, with that Japanese reliability.

The living module retains the design and equipment that has proven itself: Solid 32mm thick composite construction; Kinetic Steel Sub-frame; Sizeable water capacity (Fuso 190Lts/Isuzu 290Lts); Sizeable Fuel capacity (Fuso 195Lts/Isuzu 380Lts); Electric Retractable steps; 3500Kg rated tow bar; An internal layout that works; Significant internal and external storage; Vehicle Cabin/Module access; A large 190Lt Bushman 12V Fridge; 3 roof ventilation units; a Quality Water Purifier; Security handle and lockable cabin access.

The XP2 is currently in production, with the first GX No72 being Kym Bolton’s personal unit, followed by 2 AAV Demo vehicles (Fuso and Isuzu) then pre-sold client vehicles. A number of firm orders are already in the system with new orders now well into the latter part of 2024.